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The online courses I had already taken had felt somewhat directionless and unmotivated, while offering an isolating learning experience that was quite offputting. It was this journey to explore my career path in more depth that brought me to the decision that, if what I was looking for wasn’t out there already, I should create my own “real world” degree that would meet my own needs.

With this exciting idea in mind, I set about putting one together with a curriculum, courses and reading. Thus, Copycat was born.

The three problems I was facing were the lack of tutors, lack of classmates, and a lack of grading. So I set about finding ways to resolve those issues. 

To get feedback and accountability, I launched my CopyCat YouTube channel, interviewing guests and gathering information about the relatively new industry of Motion Graphics. Not only did this help me to get the “grading” that I needed – after all, my audience is nothing if not brutally honest! It also gave me an equivalent to classmates to discuss concepts and ideas with, and to share opinions.



The next step was then to create this website as a way of documenting my progress and my learning. By creating it, I consolidated the things that I had learned, and at the same time, I could achieve one of my other primary goals – to raise awareness of this exciting new artistic sector, to create a strong community hub, and to help those with an interest in the field to acquire the skills they need to get started since they could learn along with me as I continued on my journey to broaden my knowledge and deepen my skills in the field.

So, the upshot of all of this is, whether you’re ready to enter the world of motion graphics for the first time, or whether you’re keen to delve a little deeper into your existing knowledge, CopyCat Motion Design aspires to be your go-to resource for all things creative. Share my journey and progress with me and embark on a journey of your own as we discover and explore the world of motion design together.


Welcome to CopyCat Motion Design, an interactive learning platform that leads you through the creative process for motion design. This is my passion project, and it’s something that is very close to my heart, and I’m eager to share it with you so that you can join me on my journey of discovery.

First, let me explain how CopyCat came about. As a motion designer myself, I was keen to undertake a master’s degree in my subject but, after considerable research into the options available to me, I found that none of the courses on the internet today fit the criteria I was seeking.

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