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Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

If After Effects is king, Illustrator is it’s right hand man! As a motion design artist, use this software for precise vector work and intricate character designs.

Wacom Tablet

A good graphic tablet makes all the difference for a motion design artist, especially when making complex storyboards and styleframes.

Adobe Illustrator

David Douglas explains how a creative, like a motion design artist, can nail creative strategy and understand business insight. This book helped me nail client presentations.

Get The Right Message To Get The Right Results

Motion designers need not only to define the right target audience but also to create the right message to speak to that audience in a way that resonates effectively with them. Video is a wonderful format with which to strike a chord with a target market, but it only works when the motion design artist tailors the message correctly.

It’s the job of a motion design agency to create videos that sell a brand’s products and services in the most effective way. It achieves this goal by tailoring its motion graphics so that they speak to the brand’s target market in a way that it can get on board with.
I’ve already talked about the importance of defining a target audience. This is the next step in the process. Once you know who your video is speaking to, you then need to work out how to convey its message in such a way that those prospective customers will really sit up and listen.
A graphic and motion designer must also know the ins and outs of the brand’s product so they can explain to that target audience why they should buy it. What are the product’s features and benefits? Why would prospective buyers choose to buy this product over any other?
When you know this information, the next challenge is expressing it correctly. Not only do you need to speak in a voice that the target market will resonate with, but you also need to make sure that the voice is in line with the brand itself. Getting the right balance of these two things will get your video off to the best possible start.

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It can be all-too-tempting to compare yourself to other motion designers out there, but comparisons only lead to frustration and anxiety. A key rule you’ll learn as a motion design artist is that it’s ok to be yourself. In fact, you need to be true to yourself and your own creative mindset to achieve uniqueness.

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