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✅ Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is one of the most important things when starting a motion design project. If you don't know your audience, it'll be difficult to create a motion design project that will have an impact on them. Knowing your audience will help you determine how to communicate with them and what they need to help you make better decisions with your motion design project. Many times, there's more than one group of people that you need to reach out with your motion design project. If that's the case, identify all of the groups and their needs. Then decide which group(s) are the most important for this particular project (the one(s) that would benefit from it the most). When identifying your audience, it helps to think about their demographics such as age and gender. It also helps to think about how big is your audience - are they few or many? A large audience may require shorter videos and simpler messaging while a smaller audience may require longer videos with more complex messaging and visuals.

Create a Plan

Now that you have a solid idea for your motion design project, it’s time to create a plan. This is essential for all creative projects, whether you’re working solo or with a team. Set clear goals and objectives before you begin. Decide what you want to achieve, what your project needs to accomplish, and how you want your audience to respond. Be crystal clear about what it is that you want to communicate through the motion design elements of your project. Then decide on a deadline and get to work!

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How To Start a Motion Design Project

Motion graphics can be a beast to make. Every project is unique and requires your full creative attention. That's why we're going to look at how you can craft awesome ideas, bring them together and present them in the most effective way so that you can spend all your energy on doing what you love.

✅ A successful motion design project takes careful planning, attention to details and creative thinking.

In this article, we will focus on the first step: how to start a motion design project.You may be asking yourself: “how should I start a motion design project?” or “what are the steps to create an effective motion design project?” Well, you have come to the right place! In this article we will discuss the steps you need to take before starting a new motion design process.

✅ The Problem Motion Graphics Can Solve

The more you know about the problem you are going to solve, the better.

The first thing to do is ask as many questions as possible about the problem you're trying to solve. Who is your audience? What is your goal? What is your budget? What's your time frame? What are the deliverables? Who are you trying to reach and what should they come away with after watching this video. Do some research on their brand and businesses in their industry. You need to figure out who exactly it is that you're talking to and what they want from this piece of content.

Create Multiple Ideas

For the next few steps, it’s important to spend some time generating ideas. You can do this in a variety of ways: brainstorming session, mind maps, visualization and more. Don’t rush this step! Come up with multiple different ideas to use as inspiration for your motion design project. Remember that there’s no such thing as a bad idea at this point. Just write down anything that comes to mind. After you have enough ideas on paper, you can edit and narrow down which ones are best suited for your project goals.

Pitching your project idea/s

Your approach to pitching your project idea is essential. It can make or break the deal. So, it's important that you're completely sold on your idea before you take it to the client. This doesn't mean that you don't take their input into consideration. But, if your project isn't solid enough to stand on its own, then they'll know and they won't be very confident in hiring you. When pitching your projects, here are a few things you should consider: Confidence - If you believe in yourself and your work, then others will too! Clients want to hire designers with confidence because they understand what they're doing, have a great vision for the project and aren’t afraid of challenges. Excitement - Even if this is just another job for you (which hopefully it's not) show some enthusiasm! The client wants to see that you think their product is awesome and that the story matters to them (and everyone else).

To find out more details, download the guides to help you with your next project!

You got this!




Finding creative ideas for motion design

This 14 page downloadable PDF guide will help you find creative ideas!


How to make a brief for motion design

This 21 page PDF downloadable guide is designed to help you start your motion design project the right way. 


How to make a brief for motion design - Workbook

This 20 page easy-to-follow workbook will help you through you all the tips and information you need to create a great brief for your next project!

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

This book is useful to learn motion design idea generation. I start by brainstorming with exercises from this book before making styleframes and a storyboard.

David Douglas explains how a creative, like a motion design artist, can nail creative strategy and understand business insight. This book helped me nail client presentations.

Notion is an amazing text-based software to organize, stay updated and plan your next motion design project. And it’s free for personal use!

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