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Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

David Douglas explains how a creative, like a motion design artist, can nail creative strategy and understand business insight. This book helped me nail client presentations.


Notion is an amazing text-based software to organize, stay updated and plan your next motion design project. And it’s free for personal use!

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool for motion design artists, helping you create photo-realistic styleframes to animating frame by frame. It’s a great program to have in your toolkit!

Knowing Your Audience Helps To Set The Tone

A graphic and motion designer needs to know who they’re addressing when they make a video. Simply creating a video and hoping that it hits the mark is pointless. You need to know who you’re communicating with and that’s where defining an audience comes in.

The best motion graphic examples reach their target audience seemingly effortlessly, resonating with them on just the right level. Of course, achieving this effect is far from effortless, but when you define your market correctly, it’ll appear that way.
When you learn motion graphics, you’ll begin to realise that motion design is about neither the client nor the motion design artist themselves. Rather, it’s about the client’s target audience – or the customers that your client needs to connect with to sell their products or services.
So, how exactly do you go about defining an audience?
The key is to determine who would be interested in purchasing the brand’s products in the first place before moving on to work out how to approach that specific section of the market. What’s going through the minds of those prospective customers when they consider buying from the brand? What are they hoping to achieve for themselves by making their purchase?
Once you know who your video is aimed at, the next step is to work out how to tailor it to best resonate with them. Where do they hang out online? Which media channels do they use? What do they believe and, most importantly, what do they think about the brand in question? Attention to detail is vital here to achieve maximum results.

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Motion designers need not only to define the right target audience but also to create the right message to speak to that audience in a way that resonates effectively with them. Video is a wonderful format with which to strike a chord with a target market, but it only works when the motion design artist tailors the message correctly.

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