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Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Lateral Thinking

This book is useful to learn motion design idea generation. I start by brainstorming with exercises from this book before making styleframes and a storyboard.

Wacom Tablet

A good graphic tablet makes all the difference for a motion design artist, especially when making complex storyboards and styleframes.


Notion is an amazing text-based software to organize, stay updated and plan your next motion design project. And it’s free for personal use!

Complexity Begins With Simplicity

Remember that your creative process will always be unique to you. You just need to find a creative flow that you’re comfortable with. Bear in mind that complexity always begins from simplicity, so don’t be afraid to start small and work up to those challenging concepts.

If you’re wondering how to take the step up from being a good motion graphics artist to becoming an amazing one, the answer lies in having a creative process that is all your own.
You’re probably thinking “OK, so I know I need to have a creative process, but how do I find one that works for me?” That’s a good question, but luckily, there’s an answer.
The key lies in being experimental. You have to feel free to try new things. Play around with the tools at your disposal and use them in different ways to achieve different effects. Of course, that means you need to be completely comfortable with those tools in the first place, otherwise you won’t have the freedom you need to explore. So, first things first, get familiar with all the tools you’re planning to use, from your PC software to physical elements like clay.
Finding a creative process that’s unique to you as a motion design artist often begins from a place of simplicity. Find a simple concept and then repeat it, subtly change it, or add to it until it develops the layers of complexity that you’re seeking. Complexity often arises from the simplest things.

Start Now


When you learn motion graphics, you hear all the time that you need to master composition to communicate your message, but what does that actually mean in practice? My motion graphics tutorials aim to explain the principle to you in terms you can actually understand.

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