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Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

David Douglas explains how a creative, like a motion design artist, can nail creative strategy and understand business insight. This book helped me nail client presentations.


Notion is an amazing text-based software to organize, stay updated and plan your next motion design project. And it’s free for personal use!

Adobe Illustrator

If After Effects is king, Illustrator is it’s right hand man! As a motion design artist, use this software for precise vector work and intricate character designs.

Impress Your Clients With A Great Design Presentation

It’s all well and good to create an amazing motion graphics project, but you need to impress your client with the concept that you’ve come up with, and that requires great design presentation skills. Walking clients through your motion graphics work process is key to explaining your ideas.

As a motion graphics artist, you’re going to be working for a client who has their own ideas about what their project should look like. You need to be sure that you’re both on the same page when it comes to the final outcome that you produce. The way of presenting your work to your client can make a huge difference to how they understand your concepts and how they view your ideas.
How do you go about presenting your motion graphic examples to your clients in the best way to impress them? After all, you need to convince them that you’re the right person for the job, and that your motion design ideas are the right ones for them! The answer lies in creating a pitch deck to pitch and present the mood to your client.
Whether you go down the road of a PDF document or a PowerPoint presentation for your pitch deck, it’s the best way to show your professionalism and to help your client to visualise just what you’ve got in mind for their project. When your clients can understand what’s in your mind, they’re more likely to get on board with your concept.

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To create a great motion design project, you need to put all of the elements that you’ve learned in my motion graphics tutorials together. All of the various elements you’ve learned in my motion tutorials need to be brought into play to create a well-rounded and well-designed concept.

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