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From the Nike swoosh to the Apple... well, apple, logos are all around us. A well-chosen logo is the ultimate act of marketing, as it can overcome any language barrier. The examples we mentioned above are already globally recognized, though. Animating a logo can quickly capture the imagination and attention of an audience and enhance the standing of a new brand.

There are many options for applying motion design to a logo. Some brands benefit from a serious and minimalist approach to animate logos, while others tap into an emotional hook and seek out something a little more fun. As always, the best approach is the one that a target audience will respond to – and how to portray a brand's image in a few seconds.

That timing is all-important, as brand logo animation should be kept short and sharp. All the same, the opportunity to tell a story should not be passed up. As always with motion design, finding the balance is key. Once this is achieved, a sizable uptake in brand recognition becomes not just possible but likely. A range of talented motion design artists discusses how to achieve such equilibrium in this video.

Photo credit: Retrohaus Logo Animation by Eugene Kaurov

Animated logos create an unforgettable brand identity

Every successful business has a memorable logo that provides a visual shorthand for its offering. Animating these logos can ensure they remain at the forefront of consumer thinking.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Aaker on Branding

It’s easy to forget a graphic and motion designer must be their own business. This book has checklists, strategies and tools to stand out from the noise.

Motion by Mt Mograph

This After Effects plug-in is by far one of the most useful and efficient tools for motion designers. Get 10% off by clicking the link or use the coupon code COPYCAT

Adobe After Effects

After Effects is like home to me, I love using this program! It’s so powerful for motion designers and it just keeps on giving.

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Featured Guests

Emmanuel Dankyi


Eugene Kaurov


Austin Saylor



Weaving a story through your motion design for brands provides an emotional hook for your audience to latch onto. Make yours a love story that delights and enthralls, not a tale of terror that deters your client base.

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