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In the modern world, offering consumers a superior product or service is not enough to elevate a brand above competitors. If a brand hopes to engage with an audience, it must share relatable values and a mission statement. Motion design for brands is a great way to achieve this.

Text and prose are important for relaying essential information to an audience. Alas, if patience is a virtue, the internet has created a generation of sinners. Audiences absorb information in different ways, and for many, the use of video and animated typography can make the difference between achieving a conversion or suffering a bounce.

Bring motion graphics into your descriptions to demonstrate how your product or service can enhance the life of a user, and you're abiding by one of the golden rules of user experience - show, don't tell. In addition, embracing motion design humanizes a brand, enabling a target audience to absorb and understand a core message truly.

Sharing this dramatically enhances the chances of forging an enduring bond of loyalty and trust between brand and consumer. What's more, it's a great way to experiment with great new branding ideas and concepts. This video explains how motion tutorials can change the fortunes of your business.

Photo credit: 36 Days of Type 2020 by Wes L. Cockx

Video is not just the future – it's the present

Weaving a story through your motion design for brands provides an emotional hook for your audience to latch onto. Make yours a love story that delights and enthralls, not a tale of terror that deters your client base.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

The Brand Gap

This is great for the freelance motion design artist who is either into branding or needs to develop their own brand for online presence.

Motion by Mt Mograph

This After Effects plug-in is by far one of the most useful and efficient tools for motion designers. Get 10% off by clicking the link or use the coupon code COPYCAT

Adobe After Effects

After Effects is like home to me, I love using this program! It’s so powerful for motion designers and it just keeps on giving.

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Olamide Rowland


Wes L. Cockx


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The first step to creating inspirational motion design storytelling for advertising is finding a storytelling structure that fits the brand.

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