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Social media rules the world, for better or worse. A memorable online presence is essential if a brand wants to be embraced by an audience. Businesses need to strike the right balance of originality in such a crowded marketplace, identifying a target audience and potentially viral mass appeal. That requires an immaculate balance of art and science.

The key to successful motion design for social media is understanding the target audience of a product or service. Social media platforms harvest first-party data and can ensure that content reaches the appropriate profiles. This remains only half the battle, though.

Motion design for social media can attract an audience's attention, provided it is targeted to appeal to unique sensibilities. First, a target market profile should be built, with motion design used to pique curiosity. Then, with the right blend of colour, narrative, and psychology – as well as a clear and direct message that merits sharing – a brand will enjoy a reputation as a stellar social media following.

Before we go, however, there’s another thing to consider - “social media” is a broad church in the 21st Century. Ensure that your motion design approach is relevant to the format that’s hosting the content - and the audience that will be viewing it. After all, Facebook, TokTok, Instagram and Twitch will likely have different core user bases. Learn motion graphics for social media the easy way through this video!

Photo credit: Bloomberg Futures by Illo & Algo

Cut through the social media noise with motion design

Social media is one of the most potent resources across the globe, but it's a crowded and noisy space. Adopt a striking motion design for social media approach to attract your ideal audience's attention.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Advertising Concept Book

This workbook is filled with tips about how to master the creative process for advertising, essential if you’re providing motion graphics design services!


Make your motion graphics design services super efficient with this After Effects plug-in. It’s so useful for making GIFs, no more fussing with Photoshop when you can do it all in After Effects!

Adobe Illustrator

If After Effects is king, Illustrator is it’s right hand man! As a motion design artist, use this software for precise vector work and intricate character designs.

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Are you familiar with the psychology of colour? It's more elaborate than you may realize, and every colour choice will influence how your audience reacts to using colour in motion design. So pick the perfect palette to retain your confidence and deliver compelling brand messaging.

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