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When somebody sits down to watch a video, they expect to be entertained. A branding video may not justify a private cinema screening and bucket of popcorn, but if you're not going to create a compelling narrative around your product or service, why take the trouble of creating motion design?

Motion designers understand that the heart of brand storytelling lies within taking the audience on a journey. Effective storytelling for motion design explains how embracing a product or service will change a user's life for the better. Motion design, most notably explainer videos, can achieve this.

The core rules of storytelling through motion design are simple. First, keep things as brief as possible. Be aesthetically engaging, applying a consistent theme, colour palette, and narrative that links one scene to the next. Above all, never lose sight of the mission statement. Big ideas and high concepts are great, but they're redundant if irrelevant to the pain point that a user is keen to resolve.

Ultimately, brand storytelling through motion design is a way to introduce a brand to an audience – quickly, concisely, and charismatically. Take the right approach with a video or animation, and this brand is likely to live long in the memory. This video explains how a motion design agency will ensure that you enjoy such impact.

Photo credit: Stuart Hall - Race, Gender & Media, Produced by the Listening Post

Inspire, influence, and enchant through storytelling for motion design

The first step to creating inspirational motion design storytelling for advertising is finding a storytelling structure that fits the brand.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

In this fascinating book, Joseph Campbell writes about the Hero’s Journey, a storytelling method commonly used in motion graphics videos. Learning about the Hero’s Journey will help you keep your audience interested in your work.


Every motion design artist should have a sketchbook handy to brainstorm or sketch ideas before jumping onto the computer :)

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool for motion design artists, helping you create photo-realistic styleframes to animating frame by frame. It’s a great program to have in your toolkit!

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Social media is one of the most potent resources across the globe, but it's a crowded and noisy space. Adopt a striking motion design for social media approach to attract your ideal audience's attention.

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