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Think of motion design as an extension of graphic design, which in turn is the manipulation of text and shapes into pleasing images. It means that typography for motion design plays a huge role in making or breaking the success of motion design. Inappropriate or unmemorable fonts can undo all the excellent work applied to animation.

As always, the font used in a brand will often lead the way here. All the same, different applications of type can add a little more intrigue to motion design. Much like images and signifiers, use typography to create a mood. Should the font inspire feelings of trust and elegance, of warm-hearted nostalgia, of attention-grabbing drama?

There is a time and a place for traditional fonts – with the possible exception of Comic Sans. There's never an excuse for that. However, it's also often advisable to license a new and unique typeface to ensure that prose stands out from the crowd.

Once purchased, this typography can even be tweaked. That may be considered verboten in the unwritten laws of typeface, but rules are made to be broken. So be brave and step forth with a unique aesthetic. The motion graphic examples you’ll find in this video will explain how you can do so.

Photo credit: SYFY WIRE Rebrand by Block & Tackle

Choose the ideal typography for your motion design

The idea of choosing typography for motion design can quickly become overwhelming. However, learning how to pick the perfect font will significantly boost the appeal of animation.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Thinking with Type

I love this book! It's so insightful and a must read for motion designers who love or want to learn more about typography.

Motion by Mt Mograph

This After Effects plug-in is by far one of the most useful and efficient tools for motion designers. Get 10% off by clicking the link or use the coupon code COPYCAT

Adobe After Effects

After Effects is like home to me, I love using this program! It’s so powerful for motion designers and it just keeps on giving.

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Every successful business has a memorable logo that provides a visual shorthand for its offering. Animating these logos can ensure they remain at the forefront of consumer thinking.

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