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Learning how to combine colours in motion design is essential. Every shade chosen will cause an emotional or psychological reaction from your audience, whether by accident or design. It means that complete confidence in the colour palette is non-negotiable.

Assuming that shades and hues are purely aesthetic concerns is a huge mistake. This video elaborates on how a skilled motion and graphic designer will make the most of colour. It also discusses how plug-ins, such as Ray Dynamic Colour 2, can be hugely beneficial to managing workflow.

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Photo credit: Material Design by Sander Van Dijk

Every color has a function, especially in motion design

Are you familiar with the psychology of colour? It's more elaborate than you may realize, and every colour choice will influence how your audience reacts to using colour in motion design. So pick the perfect palette to retain your confidence and deliver compelling brand messaging.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Interaction of Color

This book helps you gain perspective on how to approach color mixing and matching for the graphic and motion designer. Josef Albers provides visual exercises to help you understand how colors relate with one another.

Ray Dynamic Color

This After Effects plug-in is very useful for when you’re working with colour in a motion graphics project. No need to colour pick anymore, just link it with Ray Dynamic Colour!

Adobe Illustrator

If After Effects is king, Illustrator is it’s right hand man! As a motion design artist, use this software for precise vector work and intricate character designs.

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Lana Simanenkova


Jordan Coelho

Sander Van Dijk



Motion design thrives by crafting a narrative without forcing it down the throat of the viewer. Signifiers help spin an exciting and engaging story through visual language.

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