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Typography is something that tends to make motion graphic designers somewhat nervous. But why is it such a worrying concept? There are three main reasons why I find choosing typography so challenging.
Firstly, a lot of clients leave it up to the motion designer to choose the most appropriate type for their project and that can open up a whole can of worms. Choice is great, but too much choice can be a bad thing!
As a design professional, it’s easy to feel comfortable about making creative choices, but it isn’t so easy to have a good level of comfort when it comes to selecting elements that aren’t our area of expertise. Knowing very little about typography makes it hard to know where to start when it comes to making a suitable selection, and that can lead to a serious case of Imposter Syndrome!
Secondly, not all type combinations work well together, so where do you start to make a decision? They can’t look too similar to each other, but equally, they can’t look so different that they disrupt the flow. Since you need to have more than two kinds of type to make a project look professional, it can be a majorly stressful decision to make.
Thirdly, typography simply can’t be avoided. It’s everywhere! So you need to force yourself to confront it and just get on with making those tough choices. Keep persevering, and you’ll eventually become more comfortable with embracing the challenge!

Typography can be a worrying concept for any motion design artist.

Although using typography is common for motion graphics, choosing it can present its own challenges to any motion design artist. Nevertheless, it’s something that every motion designer needs to know about and to make progress with.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Thinking with Type

I love this book! An must read for motion designers who love or want to learn more about typography.

Motion by Mt Mograph

This After Effects plug-in is by far one of the most useful and efficient tools for motion designers. Get 10% off by clicking the link or use the coupon code COPYCAT

Adobe Illustrator

If After Effects is king, Illustrator is it’s right hand man! As a motion design artist, use this software for precise vector work and intricate character designs.


The idea of choosing typography for motion design can quickly become overwhelming. However, learning how to pick the perfect font will significantly boost the appeal of animation.

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