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If you’re on this website, then you may already have some idea about what CopyCat is all about, but it might be a good idea to watch this vlog to find out more about my reasons for launching my YouTube channel and this website, and what it intends to achieve.
Firstly, CopyCat was born as a result of my desire to find a suitable master’s degree in motion design. Essentially, I couldn’t find any online courses that fit the bill for me. None of them ticked all my boxes, and I found the entire experience rather lonely and isolating. I decided to turn it all on its head and create my own version of a master’s degree, with a curriculum of the things that I wanted to study in-depth.
The CopyCat YouTube channel was the result. It solved some of the problems that I was facing – a lack of tutors, a lack of classmates, and a lack of exams – while also giving me an exciting project to work on that also works to inspire others who have similar interests in the field of motion design.
My process for creating CopyCat videos involves me reading books around the motion graphics topic that I’m interested in learning more about and then making videos about what I’ve read. I study and then consolidate my learning in this way, and at the same time, my audience can learn along with me. Not only am I achieving my learning goals, but I’m also working towards my mission of raising awareness of the motion graphics industry, and that’s something that I’m passionate about.

What is CopyCat all about?

CopyCat is, in essence, my motion design masters degree! It’s my passion project to share my journey as a motion design artist and to relate the ups and cons of the process.

Awesome tools for a motion designer's workflow

Meggs' History of Graphic Design

This is a classic design history textbook with great motion graphics and design inspiration. I loved learning about past design movements, and this made me observe design around me in a different light.

Motion by Mt Mograph

This After Effects plug-in is by far one of the most useful and efficient tools for motion designers. Get 10% off by clicking the link or use the coupon code COPYCAT

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe’s Creative Suite is essential when providing motion graphics design services! From After Effects to Illustrator and Photoshop, have a seamless workflow is priceless.


Weaving a story through your motion design for brands provides an emotional hook for your audience to latch onto. Make yours a love story that delights and enthralls, not a tale of terror that deters your client base.

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